Feed Our Heroes

We’re living through very strange times. Like a lot of you my business is on hold and like you I’ve been trying to keep myself busy. So I started posting a daily recipe on the Hey Pesto! Facebook page and this lead to me setting up a Facebook Group where people could share what they’re cooking in their kitchens so we don’t feel alone.

Then there was the idea that we cook for some of the local frontline staff . I know this is being done on a nationwide basis by the Feed the Heroes campaign with enormous success but we want to help locally .

The plan this week is that myself and two great ‘volunteers’ will prepare 60 meals for the staff of a local nursing home in the Hey Pesto! kitchen. Since we decided on this I’ve been overwhelmed with the offers of help so hence this page.

If you’d like to donate please do and be assured that all monies received will go towards providing meals for our frontline heroes . Make sure to follow me on https://www.facebook.com/HeyPesto/ for updates and please share what you’re cooking in https://www.facebook.com/groups/215664996331539/about/

Thanks to all our heroes for all they do


Update: We delivered our first meals yesterday to the staff of Riada House and thanks to your generous donations we will be doing more next week.

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