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A “Lidl” Midweek Treat

As a rule I don’t buy meat in supermarkets, but when I came across guinea fowl in the Lidl Deluxe range I admit I gave into temptation as I’m a big fan of this bird but find it very difficult to buy locally. The one on offer was frozen and reduced from €9.99 to €7.99 so I bought it as a midweek treat.


Once the bird was defrosted (overnight in the fridge), I made a quick stuffing by sautéing a chopped onion and red chilli in some  Improper  garlic & parsley butter, then adding some panko breadcrumbs and chopped fresh sage.The stuffed bird was rubbed with a little extra butter  – just to be sure !

There’s a bit of a health kick going on here at the moment so the  Chief Taster and I went on our walk to Charleville Castle and left dinner to roast away. It’s very important to use up some calories before dinner 🙂

Back home we were met by the tantalising aroma of roast guinea. I left it to rest while preparing the vegetables (the healthy bit) –   roasted whole baby peppers, baby carrots, asparagus  and steamed new potatoes from our new Offaly Delicious food market .

Dinners Ready

Dinner was accompanied by a very nice Sancerre – well you can’t be good all the time 😉

Roast Guinea Fowl is just the right size for dinner for two with very little waste. There was just enough meat leftover for a lunchtime sambo  and Securikat enjoyed the scraps.

Would I buy this again? Most definitely 🙂

Happy Cooking !


3 thoughts on “A “Lidl” Midweek Treat”

  1. Do you use a boneless turkey breast roast for your wellington? I assume you are not wrapping a bone in breast in pastry, but you don’t mention rolling a butterflies breast either so I am confused as to how your wellington has the shape it does in your photo.

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