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To resolute or not!

New Year’s Day always seems to be a day for reflection and for making great plans for the forthcoming year. Though I remembering reading somewhere that new year resolutions would be much more successful if made any time other than on January 1!  So maybe I should wait until February 1 before trying to improve my life!

One thing I am determined to do is blog more – thankfully  December was very busy month for Hey Pesto! so I’m afraid lots of things were neglected. I am going to get back on track with working through my cookbook collection (which surprise, surprise is still growing!)

I want to give more cookery classes, starting with ‘Easy Entertaining’ this month ( I love this poster designed by Ken of Any Given Food)

I want to update my own skills by attending a few classes myself – all suggestions welcome!

I can’t believe this is Hey Pesto! ‘s 8th year in business so here’s to 2012 being a good one! I’m doing a ‘Grow Your Business’ course at the moment and I need to do lots of homework before my next mentoring session next week!

But most importantly I want to enjoy life, eat lots of good food and spend time with friends and family.

So have you made any resolutions?

Happy New Year!

Yvonne x


6 thoughts on “To resolute or not!”

  1. Ummm…… not to be pedantic or anything but is “resolute” a verb ? I think the verb is “resolve” but I could be wrong (it has been known !) How abougt a joint Cookery/Interior Design busman’s holiday somewhere – research required I think ! Congrats on 8 years of Hey Pesto – you’re my inspiration you know !

    1. There’s always one!!! I was going for a play on resolution!
      Joint busman’s holiday sounds like a great idea – are you onto it?
      Thanks for kind words and here’s to success in your new career! Yx

  2. I wrote down my new years resolutions this morning & was shocked to discover they all (there was only about 4…) involved the blog in one way or another! Not sure if that’s a good thing or not!!

    Happy New Year Yvonne, hope it’s a good one 🙂

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