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Midlands Cheesecake

When asked about Irish food producing areas the Midlands is rarely the first place that comes to mind  but did you know that we have our own honey, ice cream, yoghurts, sausages, cordials, cheese, chocolate, bread, chorizo … name but a few products

We have a wealth of food products  from artisan producers to larger companies, some of them already household names and lots more that should be!  Then we have the people who use all this wonderful produce – caterers, cookery schools, hotels, restaurants and of course the stores that stock it.  And earlier this year I was part of a working group under the direction of Sarah Morgan from Midlands  Ireland that produced the invaluable  listing of all these in the  ‘Midlands Food Directory

For the Directory launch I was charged with  coming up with a selection of canapés using as much local produce as possible and after a lot of fun in the kitchen  here’s what we served on the night…

Canape menu blog

I’m delighted to say that all went down well with the mini cheesecake being a big hit  🙂

Mini Cheesecake

Since the launch I’ve had more than a few requests for the recipe so for a change and lots of fun we made a video showing how to make it . I hope you like it !


Huge thanks to James from LandsLeaving Media for producing the video and to the wonderful Fiona from Fiona Dillon Writes for all her advice on how to be a video star!

 Happy Cooking !


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2 thoughts on “Midlands Cheesecake”

  1. Yvonne, you are a natural!!! I love the video and will definitely used this recipe. Love dulce de leche.
    Looking forward to more videos.

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