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Christmas Treats

There’s nothing nicer than receiving a foodie gift made with love – like these tasty vanilla shortbread.

Take some time out to make a few batches of this delicious shortbread and package them up in pretty boxes or in gift bags tied with festive ribbon and you’ll be welcome at any Christmas gathering!

These biscuits are a firm family favourite – my nieces and nephews will spend hours cutting them out and then decorating them. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon! 

Baking fun

Christmas Cookies

Oven:                    170C      

What you need:

175g plain flour

50g caster sugar

130g butter

1 tsp vanilla extract

What you do:

  • Mix all ingredients in food processor until mixture comes together as a dough.  (Be patient it will happen!)
  • Roll out using icing sugar and cut  out using Christmas cookie cutters
  • Chill in the fridge for 30 mins if you can 
  • Bake on trays for 8-12 mins depending on the size of your biscuits,  to a golden brown colour.
  • Cool on wire trays. Then decorate to your heart’s content

If you’d like to watch me make these delicious cookies check out this great video from the creative team in Midlands 103 

Happy Cooking & A Very Happy Christmas!

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